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An elevated deodorant experience

Anything but ordinary, the sophistication of our spray application allows for a perfectly clean, long lasting daily wear deodorant. The aerosol-free mode is healthy, hygienic, easy-to-use and 100% shirt friendly. An added benefit, the spray favours multifunctional use. Try your best-loved scent as a perfume, room refresher or wherever else may need a scented pick-me-up.


Introducing biophotonic glass

Enhancing the vitality of each ingredient, mineral infused and light filtering our new violet glass prolongs the lifespan of our best selling natural formula

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This iconic state is where our story begins

Its endless summer days and expansive ocean views challenged us to dream bigger. This adventure was the inspiration behind Active Humans and our best selling deodorant duo. Sea Salt and Vanilla Coconut embodies the quintessential west coast lifestyle and everything nostalgic about the golden state. Take your time and enjoy the essence of California dreaming.

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Intelligent packaging is a statement of conscious creation

Embodying the ‘packaging with a purpose’ philosophy, our California box has a notable feature: the unique base doubles as a counter display enhancing the everyday deodorant experience. Wrapped in our own photo from Mcway falls in Big Sur, this item is our most creative expression of luxury deodorant to date.

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The refill revolution is here to stay

As this movement becomes more mainstream we set out to make refillable deodorant more accessible. We’re excited to offer an at-home solution to encourage bottle re-usability and purpose driven shopping decisions.

Biophotonic glass

Never packaged in plastic, our refill deodorant comes in its own 200 mL biophotonic glass bottle. Dishwasher safe and full of benefits, we recommend keeping your empty glass to store essential oils, soaps or other natural products you love.

Precision pour

Each refill is equipped with a precision pour insert that allows for slow and steady flow and reduced waste. Be mindful not to over pour, the best practice is a ¾ fill or use a digital scale.

300+ day supply

Stored in mineral rich violet glass that naturally preserves each deodorant, our ‘just shy of a year supply’ 200 mL refill is a simple step that can make a big difference. Save on your daily wear, refill at your convenience and reduce packaging turnover and waste. Win-win-win.


60 mL fills


30 mL fills



A farm-to-bottle partnership

We believe supporting our local farmers is essential to a healthy ecosystem. We started by sourcing ingredients closer to home, highlighting their natural birth place. Hayton Creek Lavender Farm is only 15 km from headquarters and produces a custom essential oil for our Okanagan Lavender scent.

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Hayton Creek Lavender Farm


Meet Paige & David

ActiveHumans was born a perfect reflection of who we are - our products have become an extension of our life together and the way we share our memories with the world

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