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Blooming rose, mixed Itlian citrus and vibrant violet

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Meet the Minis

Made for on-the-move lifestyles


On-the-move humans

David and Paige are life partners and big dreamers. They traded in their city lifestyle and set out on a west coast adventure. They started by building a fitness facility, which was ground zero for their first undiscovered product line. In 2021, Active Humans was born from their passion for movement and a need for an upgraded deodorant experience.

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Sensitive skin

Natural spray deodorant

Experience deodorant differently with our clean wearing and richly scented formulas. We've selected key active ingredients and pH balanced our products to maximize performance and effectiveness.

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Plant based active ingredients

Witch Hazel

Known for it’s astringent and disinfecting properties. It works to reduce moisture and soothe skin.

Vegetable Ferment

Contains enzymes that neutralize odor and bacteria build up, keeping the PH balance of your skin in a healthy range.


Acts as a natural preservative and has antibacterial properties that prolong effectiveness throughout the day.

Chamomile Extract

Reduces skin irritation and redness in the underarm. It’s a subtle ingredient that allows our product to be used by sensitive skin types.

Coco Glucoside

It's derived from coconut and sugar. It cleanses the skin and keeps the underarm free from bacteria build up, a common culprit behind odor.

Essential Oils

Known for their therapeutic and mood boosting properties. You’ll find oils like lavender, bergamot, jasmine, grapefruit and vetiver in our scents.

West coast inspired scents

Sea Salt

Inspired by Vancouver Seawall runs and brisk Tofino tides with notes of white musk, citrus bergamot and royal jasmine.


Inspired by rich forests that line Canada’s Rocky Mountains with notes of smokey cedar and naturally sweet tree resin.

Vanilla Coconut

Inspired by the Okanagan’s endless summer days with notes of rich vanilla bean and nutty tropical coconut.


Inspired by the North Pacific coastline with notes of exotic island sandalwood and spiced Himalayan cedar.


Inspired by meadows that grow wild in the British Columbia interior, with notes of herbaceous lavender, ylang ylang and earthy vetiver.

Rose Neroli

Inspired by spring florals and Okanagan orchards with notes of blooming rose, mixed Italian citrus and vibrant violet.

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Experience your favourite west coast inspired scents - only smaller


Customer reviews

Ineka S.

"The deodorants don't just look good, they smell and work amazing!. Definitely a fan of all the scents, but the vanilla coconut is my favourite."



"I've tried so many deodorants that just didn't work. This one is by far the best I've ever used. I love it! The scent is mellow and light. It's not sticky, no irritation to my skin and dries quickly. Looking forward to trying other scents."

Madison G.

"I have been searching for a natural deodorant for years that would work for a person who leads an active life. Active Humans has far surpassed anything I expected. A must have for sweaty humans!"


The smell is amazing, so fresh and it really works! I was able to apply after my morning shower, then get up the next day and workout without reapplying and was still fresh! Will definitely be a repeat buyer!!

Carrie W.

"By far the best Natural Deodorant I have tried, and I've tried many. Quality product is excellent, smells great and it works. (both the Lavender & Sea Salt). The glass bottle and spray are both great quality, and shipping was prompt. I highly recommend multiple purchases of Active Humans!"





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