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Our first offering in wellness forward body care is powered by an anti-odour formula rich in enzymes, amino acids and vitamins. Our health-conscious ingredients are vesseled in mineral infused glass bottles, complemented by six signature scent blends. Designed for all day performance and aesthetic vanity appeal.

Aerosol-free mister

Exposing our bodies and the environment to harmful aerosol chemicals is a thing of the past. We import french-made misters to deliver the perfect amount of deodorising formula and the ultimate spray experience for your daily routine.

0.14 mL dosage

Quick-dry effect

Our liquid based formula was designed with dry time in mind. It offers a comfortable clean skin feel without the traditional stickiness, residue or build up from traditional deodorant sticks, pastes and creams.

5 second dry time

Multi-functional use

Go beyond the underarm with our all-in-one functional spray. Cleansing properties combined with unique scent blends transforms our deodorant into a full body mist, eau de toilette, hair fragrance or room refresher.

400+ sprays per 60 mL bottle

Best-in-class hygiene

Bacteria transfer from skin to product is an overlooked odour causing culprit for your underarm. The contactless application means that your deodorant will be clean from the first use to the very last spray.

10 hour coverage

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Community reviews



I was so impressed by my first impression of Active Humans, not only do I feel confident having these guilt free ingredients in my home but the scents are absolutely amazing and I’ve been able to replace three different products with just one, a deodorant, a perfume, and a room spray all in one. I would 100% recommend to anybody looking to move towards clean products.



The first time I came across Active Humans was at Whole Foods. I was intrigued by the packaging and found the scent to be incredible. I’m used natural rub in deodorants that aren’t super effective so I was happy to see a product that was a spray. It was really effective. I tried the Sandalwood, which I really love. It’s a smell that makes me feel at home in my own body. The bottle is beautifully labelled. It comes with me to the gym and works well to freshen up after a good sweat!



I have tried (what I feel) is every natural deodorant on the market and Active Humans truly blew me away! I haven't tried anything else since and do not plan on it. Sea salt is my absolute favourite. A must try!!



I will admit I was first drawn to  Active Humans deodorants by the gorgeous packaging and beautiful bottle, but it was an instant winner right out of the box! It works so well, and I’m absolutely obsessed with the fragrances. I’ve never found a natural scent that is clean and stays effective for so long.



Active Humans has perfume-quality scents enclosed in beautifully designed bottles! An excellent addition to our shop. It's a must have!



Active Humans deodorant spray is a favourite in the Portia-Ella collection of Canadian-made, clean beauty brands. It's a quality product with a gorgeous presentation that works amazingly well! The light texture and invisible spray-on format makes it unique among natural deodorant options. It's evident that much thought was put into the Active Human's line - from ingredients, to packaging and the natural scent selection - we just love it!  We all have a favourite scent, but Sea Salt and Lavender seem to be top-picks here at Portia-Ella. 

Brooke B.

Just received our refill Sandalwood and Lavender deodorant. Thanks for creating such a killer deodorant line! It’s my go-to now for everything from mountain biking to corporate office meetings. Stoked to support such a rad company.

Dacia R.

I used the bad stuff for years because I didn't have luck with any natural products. This is the first natural deodorant that works with my body chemistry. I started with the rose scent, then tried sea salt and vanilla, love them all!

Mon Amie Boutique

An all natural deodorant that finally seems to work! It’s fabulous.I workout regularly and intensely and this product keeps up! Knowing there's no aluminium or chemicals is a double bonus. Highly recommend this to anyone!

Meghan H.

Just discovered your line of natural deodorants and they’re fantastic! I used to be a smelly human, even when I was using traditional deodorants. Natural products never worked for me, but yours is amazing and it lasts me all day.

Emilee E.

I’ve been searching for a natural deodorant I don’t feel gross about using and finally found one! It’s fresh, the smell is AMAZING and it lasts throughout the day.I'm thoroughly impressed and 100% recommend your brand!

Chelsea P.

ABSOLUTELY loving your products! Thank you for creating such unique and thoughtful scents with unreal ingredients. Will be sharing with everyone!