Rose Neroli

Italy is at the top of our bucket list as we visualise a romantic holiday in Florence. How would the sights, sounds and smells of this timeless location impact our legacy? Together, we imagine cobblestone streets, sun on our face, infamous architecture and botany in full bloom. Immersing ourselves in the Italian way, time slows and we cherish life’s little moments. Here, it seems that everybody stops to smell the roses. Offering the gentle aroma of spring florals and mixed citrus, Rose Neroli is an aromatic expression of our Italian daydream.
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Amount: 200 mL ($0.13 per mL)

Hydrating Hand Wash

The mundane task of hand washing was a blank canvas for our scented memories and bigger vision to own the vanity. While following the code of ethics at the heart of all Active Humans products, our Hydrating Hand Wash was created for ourselves first and foremost. Craving elevation and progression, we combined the function of cleansing with the sensory experience of fragrance and the somatic feeling of gentle exfoliation. Our Hydrating Hand Wash transcends this daily routine into a welcomed wellness moment.

Anything but ordinary

Clean, well hydrated and aesthetically pleasing we've infused our hand wash formula with skin and senses most wanted. Starting with the cleanse, gentle coconut derived soaps ensure purification, while apple cider vinegar balances pH and lactic acid encourages cellular renewal. With the goal to preserve hydration is NaPCA, a super hydrator that traps and retains water molecules on the skin surface. Moisturising accessories vitamin B5, aloe vera and oat protein are the winning combination behind skin feeling soft and soothed. The best for last, Gotu Kola, an anti-aging herb of all herbs contains amino acids, fatty acids and beta carotene giving your hand skin a youthful advantage.