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From the founders

Active Humans was born a perfect reflection of who we are as founders. Paige is driven by her passion for natural living and better-for-the-body choices. David enjoys life’s greatest pleasures, pushing the boundary of luxury experience.

We're on a mission to reinvent personal care for on-the-move humans. Our product origins can be traced back to some of our greatest life adventures. Each coordinate transports you to a location that inspired us to pursue our dreams.

Our commitment is to create products with intent, always authentic to who we are.

- Paige + David

Q: What is your relationship dynamic as business and life partners?

A: In business, David is all about the customer experience while Paige is focused on product development with a better-for-the-body mindset. David loves life's luxuries while Paige could live barefoot in nature - it’s a fun dynamic. 

Our individual approach to life contrasts, but we share a passion for dreaming big and building legacy. We challenge one another to think differently and stay open to other perspectives, which is something we believe makes for a great partnership. We’ve allowed each other space to grow, make mistakes and try new things, ultimately building enough trust to handle big life and business decisions together.

Our creative energy peaks when we’re outdoors, surrounded by nature.  It’s where we feel free and inspired to push the limit of what’s possible. The Whip rounds out our active team - he's a super energetic whippet and the pack leader on all our adventures.

Q: What's your favourite memory together?

A: We bottled our most notable moments and memories in our scent profiles. Our product origin can be traced back to some of our greatest life adventures. Each coordinate transports you to a location that inspired us to pursue our dreams. 

This level of intention is deeply fulfilling for us. Your sense of smell is the strongest trigger for nostalgia and influential memories. When we spray Sea Salt, it takes us back to our ocean view breakfast at 2,000 feet elevation, where we made a pivotal decision to change what we do in life.

Q: What is the meaning behind ‘Active Humans’?

A: An active human is someone who lives with intent and puts energy into action. It’s a person who chooses to be in the driver's seat of their own life. David and I share a passion for healthy living, movement and outdoor activities but as we’ve grown together the term ‘Active Human’ has transformed into more than what we do, it’s who we are.

Q: What inspired you to build a personal care brand?

A: It came from our own need for an upgraded experience. The first time using the spray deodorant was revolutionary. The product didn’t stain our shirts, it was a clean application, compatible with our lifestyle and David didn’t react to the active ingredients. 

When we moved to the west coast we set out to build a new spray deodorant for ourselves. Over time it evolved from the basic foundational product to a shelf ready deodorant spray that’s unmatched in the Canadian retail market. Today, we get to share this luxury experience with others and a little piece of our story with it.

Q: What is it that you want to share with this community?

A: We made a commitment to ourselves, our company and community to build products with intent, always authentic to who we are. We think that’s a strong founder mentality. 

We’re not willing to compromise on quality and we feel that there’s always room for improvement. From ingredient sourcing to packaging with a purpose, we’re devoted to building products that fit our lifestyle and partnering with companies that share our values.

With gratitude,


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