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Our story

Inspired by sweaty days, smelly shirts and underperforming products, two active humans set out on a journey to create their own line of personal care products to fit their on-the-move lifestyle.

Meet the founders

Paige and David

Life partners and big dreamers with a shared mindset - Be bold, but authentic. Aim high, with a can-do attitude. They traded in their city lifestyle and set out on a west coast adventure. Their first business was a fitness facility, which became ground zero for their undiscovered product line. In 2021, Active Humans was born from their passion for movement and a need for an upgraded deodorant experience.


The journey so far

February 2019

We landed in Kelowna, British Columbia and started a fitness facility. It was here that we discovered a need for a better deodorant experience. Sweaty days and smelly shirts was our inspiration.

October 2019

We spent months learning about ingredients and testing deodorants from sticks, roll ons, pastes and sprays. We learned what worked and what we wanted out of our daily experience. We hired a team to build our first prototype in spray format and we were hooked!

November 2020

Using our winning formula we started experimenting with new scent profiles inspired by our west coast landscapes. We bottled our minimum viable product in a brand that looked like Gatorade - yikes! We were ready to sell to our family, friends and local grocery stores.

July 2021

Over time we got better - tweaking our formula, building on our unique scents and listening to our active community. We re-invested profits into our brand and built a company around us as founders.

September 2021

Active Humans Naturel Inc. became a reality. We hit the ground running with 6 scents, adding Vanilla Coconut which is now a fan favourite. We started walking into stores and sharing our winning formulas.


Our products are sold in over 150 stores across North America. Our next scent is Rose Neroli - think spring blossoms meet orchard hillsides. Our goal is to continue building new and innovative products for on-the-move humans.

Paige's current obsession

Cold plunging

A health coach by nature, she dabbles in fringe worthy health hacks and loves challenging the status quo. You can find her pushing the agenda of a cold plunge in the middle of winter, sharing her love for functional fitness, cooking quality foods and exploring epic coastal terrain.

DAILY WEAR: Rose Neroli

David's in training

Spartan race

An avid adventurer and moon shot thinker, David loves pushing the limits of all things fitness and life. This summer he's training for a 10km obstacle race through the mountains. His low key activities include a round of golf and surfing today's wave.


Follow the journey

We'll continue to share our experience as entreprenuers and the lifestyle we live as Active Humans.


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