Mini Scent Bar

We appreciate your dedication to community through the products and services you offer and feel honoured to be a chosen partner.

For us the details matter. Simple nuances like ¾” spacing and colour coordination help us inch closer to perfection and stand out in the retail environment. The use of personal imagery and bits of storytelling bring our products to life, creating connection between our brand and your customers. The Mini Scent Bar was designed to contribute to your success with ActiveHumans.

We have a tendency to dream big. What drives us forward each day and makes us feel alive, excited and inspired is simply waking up to work on those dreams. We’re committed to building better daily use products, pushing the boundaries of shopping experience and investing in your retail success.

With gratitude,

Paige & David

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Type: Fully loaded

Mini Scent Bar options

Fully loaded

Our fully loaded Mini Scent Bar is the most popular item on shelf. The starter set comes packed with inventory + FREE testers + FREE Lookbook + FREE Scent Strips. Let this curated bundle sell for you! 

Display + testers

This option includes our one-of-a-kind retail display paired with a full set of 30 mL Mini Deodorant testers in our six scented collections. Stock with your existing inventory or mix n' match your best sellers.

Display only

Proudly made in Canada with 60% post consumer waste and FSC materials, our 100% recyclable display is consciously made and eco friendly. Stock the display with existing inventory or preferred ActiveHumans supplier.

Made from 60% post consumer waste materials

60% PCW content

Our Mini Scent Bar is 100% recyclable, made with 60% post-consumer water paper (PCW). This paper contains fibres that have served their purpose as a consumer item and been redirected from the landfill. Using paper that contains PCW saves resources such as water, energy and tree’s and diverts solid waste from the landfill and GHG emissions from entering the atmosphere.

New testers available

With over 200 sprays per bottle, our new 30 mL deodorant testers are available exclusively at Mini Scent Bar locations.


The Lookbook

Take a journey through our origin story, 2023 Collection and nostalgic scented memories with our 30+ page story book in print.

Buy Lookbook only


The Scent Strips

Elevate the scent experience with take-away Canadian made scent strips.

Buy Scent Strips only


Mini Deodorant testers

With over 200 sprays per bottle, our new 30 mL deodorant testers are available exclusively at Mini Scent Bar locations. Refills are available upon request.

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