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Mini Sea Salt

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Fresh and citrus. Notes of pure white musk, citrus bergamot and royal jasmine. 

Mini Sea Salt


Scent origin: 49.296° N, 123.128° W

Inspired by Vancouver Seawall runs and brisk Tofino tides, in British Columbia.

Mood-boosting aroma: fresh and citrus

Formulated with notes of pure white musk, citrus bergamot and royal jasmine. Uplift your energy to take on the day, invigorating, zesty and full of life.

Plant based active ingredients

Witch Hazel

Packed with benefits, we chose to use witch hazel for its astringent, disinfecting and antiperspirant properties. It works to neutralize odour, reduce moisture and ability to soothe skin.

Vegetable Ferment

This is our "secret" ingredient, also called Saccharomyces Ferment, made from the fermentation of vegetable feedstock. It contains enzymes that provide bioconversion of a wide range of malodorous substances and neutralize odour caused by perspiration.

Chamomile Extract

Widely regarded for its healing properties, it soothes skin irritation and reduces redness in the underarm, a subtle ingredient that allows our product to be used by sensitive skin types.

Essential Oils

Known for their therapeutic, mood boosting and even antibacterial properties. You’ll find oils like bergamot, lavender, sweet orange, rose and grapefruit throughout our scent profiles.

Coco Glucoside

It's derived from coconut and sugar. It cleanses the skin and keeps the underarm free from bacteria build up, a common culprit behind odor.


Acts as a natural preservative and has antibacterial properties that prolong effectiveness throughout the day.

Experience spray deodorant


Go beyond the underarm. Try our scents as a body spray, perfume or on your nether regions. This product can also multi-task as a room refresher in your home and favourite spaces.

12 hour protection

Apply 2-3 sprays evenly to a dry underarm as needed. To enhance the effectiveness, apply directly after a shower. Best used after cleansing or exfoliating the underarm. Each bottle has over 450 sprays which means you get 100+ days worth of natural deodorant.

Hygienic application

Our deodorant is clean wearing - say goodbye to shirt stains. It drys quickly and it's perfect for on-the-move humans.


Uplift your energy to take on the day, invigorating, zesty and full of life.

Transition to natural deodorant

The detox phase

If this is your first time using a natural deodorant we recommend packing a mini for the first few days. For some humans it can take up to 2 weeks to transition to a natural deodorant. The "detox phase" can be influenced by lifestyle habits, stress, nutrition and previous personal care products. Hang in there - try exfoliating your underarms, eat a fibre rich diet and keep a mini deodorant close! It’s worth it on the other side.

The Mini Collection

Meet the Mini Collection, a curated set of six naturally scented deodorants inspired by our favourite west coast landscapes. Go beyond the underarm and try them as a body spray, perfumes or room refresher.


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