A sensory on shelf experience 

Join our family of over 300+ North American retailers in the natural health, clean beauty and boutique setting. Check out our store locator for a detailed stockists list.

On shelf success tools

Scent Strips

Elevate the scent experience with take-away Canadian made scent strips.


Take a journey through our origin story, 2023 Collection and nostalgic scented memories with our 30+ page story book in print.

Mini Scent Bar

Aesthetically elevated with ¼ spaces and colour coordination, our Canadian made one-of-a-kind retail display is a sensory experience on shelf.

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Mini Scent Bar

Skip the wait with our fully loaded Mini Scent Bar. Pre-packed and ready to go with a 48 hr turnaround time and free shipping North America wide.

+ FREE testers x 6
+ FREE Lookbook x 1
+ FREE Scent Strips x 10

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