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We believe change is the catalyst to everything you desire. At Active Humans Train we help you take control of your health, your confidence and your life.


Build strength, increase mobility and connect to your unique body with functional fitness, always personalized


Increase energy, reduce inflammation and nourish your body with personalized nutrition guidelines, meal plans and supplement protocols


Introduce supplementation, health hacks and breath work to recover, regulate and regenerate your body at it's core
Foundation Plus Package
Let’s jump right in and cover all the bases with a 5 week intensive. Receive 6 coaching calls, personalized strength, nutrition and longevity programs tailored to your goals
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Nutrition blueprint
Include with your foundation a custom nutrition blueprint covering all your basis
Recovery protocol
Learn my go-to health hacks for optimizing sleep, hormones, energy, anti-aging and more
Functional Training
Meet in house for 1:1 personal training with Paige
Change Coaching
You have the power to create anything you desire. Change Coaching is exclusive for those who are ready to uncover their authentic code, show up for their deepest aspirations and commit to the next evolution of their personal journey
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Meet Paige

Established health and fitness coach with a background in Kinesiology and over 9+ years experience as a personal trainer.  She started her career at Equinox Fitness, a world class gym working with high-net-worth clientele in Chicago and Toronto. There she was a top female trainer, successful Tier 3+ Coach, Precision Nutrition certified and a Master Instructor. She built her own fitness studio PlayOKGN in Kelowna, BC and has evolved her craft under her co-founded brand Active Humans. Active Humans Train is where you can work 1:1 with Paige through online, virtual or in-house coaching. She attracts people looking to enhance their wellbeing, strengthen their bodies and evolve into their best selves

Hear it from others

I'm so grateful to Paige. Her knowledge, dedication and client centric approach have allowed me to develop and maintain a consistent practice focused on my health and wellness through many stages of life including pregnancy. She has been a true partner on this journey!

Heather T
Toronto, ON

Work with Paige, your future self with thank you! I started with her after a glowing referral from a friend and I'm so happy I did. She immediately got down to business to find a realistic solution that would fit my short term & long term goals. I followed her programs and lost 10lbs in our first 7 weeks (over 6% of my bodyweight!). She addressed my long standing issues so I could continue working out with out having to wait to recover from injuring myself - which was happening every three months without her. Paige is amazing!

Crystal H.
Kelowna, BC

I discovered Paige when I was struggling with the overwhelming abundance of information in the fitness world. Paige is extremely welcoming, inclusive and amazing to work with. She made it easy to comprehend all the techniques of compound movements and helped me build a mind muscle connection. Not only did she educate me on the physical aspect of health, but how important nutrition and recovery is. I would highly recommend her for someone looking for a refreshing approach to health and wellness!

Paris B.
Kelowna, BC
Ian M.
Minneapolis, MN

Paige is extremely knowledgable in all aspects of fitness, nutrition, mobility and more - she knows how to get results! I've never “enjoyed” working out, only doing it to stay fit and healthy. But, Paiges style of training has helped me connect to my body, which has turned that switch for me and now I look forward to my workouts and miss them when I can't. Training has made such a huge difference in my life - I even built a replica gym in my house to continue on with everything she has taught me! I couldn't be more thankful for having met Paige and letting her direct me to a healthier happier version of myself.

Jolene S.
Kelowna, BC

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