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Dive into ActiveHumans, a growing wellness forward body care brand catering to the health conscious consumer looking for an elevated everyday experience.


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A 20 minute conversation between the founders, Paige and David. We share an intimate look behind the scenes and take you on a journey past, present and future.

2:27 Our first year of business

4:22 Launching the 2023 Collection

9:20 The future and beyond

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Highlights from the pitch

Biophotonic glass

Enhancing the vitality of each ingredient, mineral infused and light filtering our new violet glass prolongs the lifespan of our best selling natural formula.

Mini Scent Bar

Aesthetically elevated our one-of-a-kind retail display is a sensory experience on shelf. Made in Canada with 60% post consumer waste, it takes you on a journey through our six scented memories.

Hydrating Hand Wash

We transcend the mundane daily routine into a welcomed wellness moment. Clean, well hydrated and aesthetically pleasing we've infused our hand wash formula with skin and senses most wanted.

2023 Recap

We invested in an upgraded and elevated 2023 Collection, landed key retail accounts and solidified our product as stand out in the natural deodorant category.


active retail doors


products in market


bottles sold

2024 Plan

Diversify our body care catalogue with three new categories and 15 additional scented skus. Fueling growth and profitability our sales plan includes entering the US clean beauty market and launching our direct to consumer channel.


new body care skus


new sales channels


increase in projected revenue


Launch Hand Wash

Set to make its debut early 2024, Hydrating Hand Wash is our first step to owning the vanity. Curated in each scented memory, we’re offering our audience the opportunity to collect body care in their favourite natural fragrances.


Adit Live Los Angeles, CA

Adit Live is a carefully curated event that bridges the gap between beauty specific brands and industry leading retailers. We see Adit Live being the catalyst for our entry into the US and clean beauty market.


Expand trademark applications

Currently trademark pending in the US. We plan on securing the Canadian trademark and two additional product categories that include new product launches.


Launch Everyday Spray

We designed our Everyday Spray for everything and everyone to use everyday. Scented in our collections with a base of functional air freshening ingredients. Gently deodorize spaces, places and linens or cleanse yoga mats and active accessories. Simply use wherever may need a scented pick-me-up.


Hire production manager

Although we enjoy the hands-on daily operations we know it’s time to expand our team. A key hire in the production seat will allow us to shift our focus from working in the business to working on the business, funnelling our energy into growth activities and building the greater vision of ActiveHumans.


Adit Live New York, NY

Adit Live is a carefully curated event that bridges the gap between beauty specific brands and industry leading retailers. We see Adit Live being the catalyst for our entry into the US and clean beauty market.


New content platform

We’re excited to invest in our wellness forward community and build a platform to share our story. Through thoughtful conversation the down-to-earth craft of podcasting is our preferred channel to build authentic content and connect with our audience.


Launch Body Wash

We decided it was up to us to create a shower experience that exceeds expectations. The vision: matching glass throughout the bathroom, lathering with our signature scents and a full-circle formula. Introducing the Four Pillar Body Wash™ this all-encompassing wash leaves skin satisfied and your next shower on repeat


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