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Our 18 Month Experiment

On the hunt for an effective deodorant? We know the struggle is real because we’ve been in your shoes. We’ve tried them all from sticks, pastes, creams and sprays but not a single deodorant checked all the boxes - natural, easy to apply, smells great, won’t break the bank and works!  Good news for you, we’ve done the research and tested on ourselves in the last 18 months. Now you can benefit from our experience. Here’s what we learned.

Volatile reactions to natural stick deodorants

As natural stick deodorants drift away from harmful aluminum and synthetic ingredients, they lean on sodium bicarbonate (aka. Baking soda). Makes sense, as baking soda has the ability to be odour-absorbent. But beware many of us experience volatile adverse reactions that creep up on you 24 - 48 hours after applying to your skin! Hello, itchy red rash!

Over half of our employees experienced excessive dryness, inflammation, rash, redness and itchiness from natural deodorants with baking soda! And those who didn’t react found the texture to be gritty and clumpy upon application - so on to the next.

Pastes and creams are messy

Although paste and cream deodorants’ smooth texture was a drastic improvement from the stick, the application was messy and felt rather unhygienic. Not only did our clothes still have the yellow stains and white residue, but it felt as though we were frosting our armpits. 

And the hype around charcoal paste deodorants didn’t live up to our expectations. After a few hours, black marks were left all over our clothing. Sure, the charcoal reduced odour but it was often used with baking soda (and we all know how that turns out). Plus, there is no real evidence that using activated charcoal every day is good for you, so the hunt continued.

Spray deodorants can be effective, but expensive

One of the spray deodorants we tried came close, but no cigar. It checked almost all the boxes: effective, natural, zero adverse reactions, quick and clean application, and felt fresh on our armpits. The catch, it broke the bank at $50 plus shipping costs! 

Want a natural deodorant that checks all the boxes? 

We formulated a lineup of deodorants made for Active Humans. We combined everything we enjoyed and ditched the rest. We use minimal but powerful ingredients. Our deodorants are free of baking soda, aluminum, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, talc powder or synthetic fragrances. We are results driven and so are our deodorants.

Our deodorants dry quickly, leaving your clothes looking and feeling fresh. The spray is easy to use, perfect for an Active Human’s lifestyle.

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